Made from fresh ground sirloin. All burgers served with fries and pickle

The Plain Jane - 7.75
A No-frills burger grilled to your satisfaction

California Burger - 8.95
An originial favorite from the west coast, served with lettuce, tomato, bacon and American cheese

Veggie Burger - 7.50
Here's a burger from the garden! Made from mushrooms, brown rice, onions, rolled oats, part-skim milk, cottage cheese curds, egg white, cheddar cheese, natural seasoning and spices. It's cholesterol free and contains only 3 grams of fat.

Yodel Burger - 8.95
You'll sing its praises! Served with Swiss chesse and grilled mushrooms or any other cheese of your choice

Philly Burger - 8.95
From the City of Brotherly Love comes a mouth-watering burger topped with grilled onions, peppers and provolone cheese


Peter Pan Burger - 8.95
8 oz. Burger with fried egg and peanut butter

Black Angus Burger - 8.50
Grilled Angus beef topped with cheese

Mac & Cheese Burger - 8.95
A burger topped with Pepper Jack mac & Cheese bites, Sweet 'N Sppicy Sauce and Pepper Jack Cheese

Western Burger - 8.95
A char-grilled burger topped with onion petals, BBQ suace and Pepper Jack cheese